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Sustainable Products from the Mountains
mycologist in lab barn grow room shiitake logs

We love being Citizen Scientists! This includes collecting and cataloging wild fungi samples, and conducting research in our lab. We our time split between three spaces; the clean environments of our lab and grow rooms, outdoors on our farm working with logs and straw, and in the community providing mushrooms to our neighbors. We love the balance this provides. Mushroom farming is somewhat unique, we get to be scientist, and get our hands dirty!


We produce our spawn in our customized mycology lab. We set up a positive pressure room with incoming air filtered through a Hepa filter. We perform our lab work under a medical grade horizontal flow hood which creates a sterile environment. Cleanliness is essential to bringing you quality spawn and for growing the most productive mushrooms. We work hard to keep our lab up to date and continue to update our knowledge by taking education and safety courses.

Bags of spawn that we make in our lab sit in our Incubation Chamber until they are ready to go into our climate controlled Fruiting Chamber. This is where our indoor mushrooms are grown!